We are committed to providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services needed by the Lawrence community to the best of our ability. To learn more about available services or to determine whether Stiehl Behavioral Consulting may be a good fit for you and your learner, please contact us for a complimentary phone consultation.

*Evening and weekend sessions available

*Telehealth sessions (i.e., videochat) available

Caregiver training

The most efficient option for most SBC families is a caregiver-training treatment model. Following this model, caregivers typically receive 2-6 hrs per week of 1:1 training where they learn about ABA and specific strategies to support their learner. While training is individualized to each learner and their family, common training topics include:

  • Introduction to ABA and services

  • General ABA strategies to promote acquisition of new skills and reduction of disruptive behavior

  • Procedures to teach your learner new skills

  • Assessment and intervention for challenging behaviors

OASIS Parent Training is available by a certified OASIS Parent Coach

Additional Services

Workshops and trainings

Educational opportunities for professionals and caregivers

Focused services

Short-term direct intervention focused on teaching one or two specific skills

Examples: Toilet training, sleep intervention, trying new foods, learning to wait, independent play skills, tolerating haircuts

School consultation

Partnership with clients' academic professionals to support the client across school and home

Bridge services

Short-term assessment and treatment for clients waiting for comprehensive services, including transition support when the client begins comprehensive services

College and vocational consultation

Assessment and intervention for individuals transitioning to college or the workforce